Storage Instructions

Biltong should not be stored for long periods – it is there to be enjoyed and not packed away!

How do I store Biltong?

If you are not going to consume immediately (Yikes!) please store in a cool, dark place.  Do not open the packet until you are ready to consume the product as it has been sealed to ensure longevity of the product.

Once opened, consume within 3-4 days. Please do not keep biltong in plastic-bags, or plastic-containers as it will get mold. If you are keeping it in the fridge, please remove it from the plastic once opened and transfer it to the paper bag provided with your product.

Wetter sliced biltong should be shuffled a couple of times throughout the day. This helps to distribute the humidity around the pieces and prevents mold from growing. Remember mold likes highly humid conditions and will, therefore, find its way to the wettest areas which are conducive to mold growth. It is the same principle as having a fan or air flow when drying biltong at home – get the air to move and help the moisture move away from the biltong. Biltong doesn’t like high humidity at all and will either mold or even spoil if left long enough in wet conditions.

Can I freeze Biltong?

Biltong can be frozen in a paper bag  (such as the one provided with your product).  If frozen, spread the biltong on a dry towel for approximately 20 minutes before eating.